Q: What Is Chiropractic And How Can It Help Me?

A:  Chiropractic is a natural method of health care with the proven ability to relieve neck and back pain, increase vitality, and promote well-being. The human body possesses a natural ability to restore itself. This ability depends on a healthy nervous system. Life's events such as automobile accidents, sports injuries, repetitive work, and stress are just some of the factors that can overwhelm the body's ability to adapt. The joints of the spine 'lock up' when these sorts of events occur, limiting range of motion.  The spinal joint misalignment results in irritation or pressure at the spinal nerve.

Today’s Doctor of Chiropractic is highly trained in identifying and evaluating functional problems associated with the spinal column and skilled in restoring proper spinal biomechanics and nerve function. With a program of regular spinal maintenance, many patients recover a degree of health and vigor greater than they enjoyed before their problem occurred.

Q: What Is An Adjustment And How Does It Work?

A: An adjustment takes place when a precisely directed force is applied to a joint that is “locked up” or not moving properly. Restoring normal motion to joints can allow bones to gradually return to a more proper position and your body to function as it should.  

To illustrate this principle, imagine a garden hose as a nerve and the water flowing through the hose as nerve impulses.  When the hose is laid out straight without any kinks, water flows freely.  If on the other hand the hose gets compressed or kinked, water flow is reduced or even stops.  If this condition persists, eventually, the hose becomes damaged.

Like removing the kink from the hose, a spinal adjustment can ease pressure on a nerve, allowing nerve impulses to flow and protect the nerve from further damage.

Q: Is Chiropractic Care Safe?

A:  Chiropractic, compared to drug and surgical intervention, is very safe. Research and malpractice statistics support this and will be made available upon request.

Chiropractic has an excellent safety record.  According to a government study in New Zealand, chiropractic care was found to be “remarkably safe.” Its non-surgical, drug-free approach to health ranks chiropractic among the safest of all health care practices. Remember, chiropractic takes nothing out of the body and puts nothing in. As a result, chiropractors enjoy one of the lowest malpractice rates of all health care professionals.

Chiropractic doctors are trained to practice and perform hundreds to thousands of manipulations before delivering them to a patient.  To become a Doctor of Chiropractic, the candidate must first pass the demanding National Board Examination.  Then, to apply for a professional license the doctor must pass an even more rigorous test before winning the privilege to practice.

Guided by a thorough case history and examination, your doctor will evaluate your individual needs and determine a course of treatment.  This conservative, natural approach to better health avoids the dangers associated with invasive procedures and addictive drugs.

If chiropractic care is not the best option for your condition, Dr. Choe will refer you to a specialist that may be of better assistance. 

Q: What Types Of Insurance Do You Accept? Does My Insurance Cover Chiropractic or Acupuncture?

A: We accept most insurance plans and are in network with some major PPO and HMO plans. Most insurance plans cover chiropractic and some even cover acupuncture. 

You should call your insurance company to get the detailed benefits and coverage.  Our office will also call your insurance to verify but this is not a guarantee of payment.